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Depending on the electronic device that is used, there are four types of video games: console video games, PC video games, wireless platform games, and online video games. Each type of support is the hardware that will be used to establish the game connection. Below on this page we provide information on these four types of devices. In this way you will be able to understand its functioning and choose the one that best satisfies your needs.

  • Console video games use a device whose hardware and software system was created for home use. This device was created for home use exclusively and, unlike other devices, it was specially designed to play video games. There are consoles of different sizes and models. Some of them require television connectivity and other are wireless as they have their own power source, such as batteries. The early consoles used plastic cartridges, but today this technology has developed to use diskettes, CDs, DVDs or video games cards. There are few companies in this market that produce this type of device, as over time they have become obsolete.

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  • PC Video Games operate through a microelectronic digital system. These video games can process data that correspond to a program designed previously. PC games require a structure to work. This structure comprises a central processing unit (CPU), memory, and many input and output devices. The PC processing unit is in charge of making the game work correctly.
  • Wireless Platform Games work on cell-phones. This games work thanks to a wireless communication Web and the necessary elements that allow Web access. Cell-phones are one type of these electronic device and they have the advantage to be portable. As they don’t need a connection wire, the user can move around as he plays video games.
  • Online Games are those games that work with Internet connectivity. The most important characteristic of these games is that they are independent as regards platforms, since they can be executed with plugins or players. Games run in plugins are processed with the user’s computer. In this way, a server to host them isn’t necessary. These games are very popular as many can be accessed for free.

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